Friday Favorites… tell them I sent you

1. DVF leopard print coat – How gorgeous is this DVF print coat.

2. Veuve Clicquot champagne-

Always a celebration. The perfect cocktail.   

3. YSL Lipstick glamourous gold case- The case is gorgeous and the lipstick texture is creamy and luxurious.

4. Frette- Summer weight comforter is my year round perfect sleep. I swear I have my best night sleep only with this comforter. Sorta a like a two year old with their blankey. 

5. Tres Glam dog tag-  Uni-sex glam.  

email  $4,800 retail. 

6.Louis vuitton  sequin bag – Ummm what can I say. I swear those initials really say LG.

7. Louis vuitton leopard bag- I love this entire collection.

I think the small is the perfect transitional bag from day to evening; enough room for a phone a wallet, keys……..

8. Tower bar at Tower Hotel on Sunset - Old school Hollywood. Men dress here as if they wear a suit and tie for more then church on Sundays.

9. Baccarat crystal -Tumbler Harmonie $210 for two. Johnny Blue on the rock’s please.

10. Nobu-  Obviously they have the formula right. Always a special feeling here, not just the local sushi bar.

11. Leopard driving gloves-

Need to protect your hands from sunspots. Did you know that your left hand always has more freckles then your right? Never can be too careful with your skin.

12. Fred Segal Cafe Mauro – Great food. Great shopping. Great people watching. I always have the pasta primavera.

13. Mont Blanc Pens- This is a great pen to write with, and if someone borrows it you will be asking for it back. 

14.Dr. Cindy Bressler- Vet Dr. to the stars. Does house calls on the weekends from NY to the Hamptons.

15. Ornate sterling trays- Great way to accent a table in your home.

16. Mastros- I have the Atomic cesear salad and the smoking Cosmopolitans. Brittny’s favorite is the butter cake but iv’e never had room for more then a bite. This is a steak place but I always end up with Lobster.

17. Premier Figuier Extreme – Smells amazing.

18.Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage  - it’s the best foundation that I trust.

19.  Personalized cards from Amelia Noyes-  She makes personalized cards with exquisite fashion designs on them. Can’t wait to use them. Email her at if your interested in ordering some.

Friday Favorites… Tell Them I Sent You

1. Frank Sinatra “You and me” (We wanted it all )-

Press Play to enjoy as you scroll.













2. Eye Brown Shaping by THE MASTER “Anastasia” in Beverly Hills on Bedford. NO ONE does it better she creates the frame for beautiful eyes. She does J.Lo, Kim Kardashian, Penelope Cruise, Oprah, and other Hollywood Elite. She’s the best for good reason.


3.Dan Tanas - This oldschool red sauce, red leather banquette restaurant has remained a Hollywood FAVORITE. The Chicken Parmesan, baked clams oreganata and super rich Chocolate espresso bean gelato will keep you going back for more. 







4. Alice + Olivia Suede Over-The-Knee Platform Boots $590.00. HOT!! HOT!! HOT!! Compared to the ones that over $1,500. RUN… How long do you think these babies get sold out. 

5. Elnet original hair spray- Love the smell. I remember asking friends to bring this back from France for me when it was impossible to get in the United States.

6. SS and Diamond Pendant Tres Glam by Lisa Gastineau Retail 3,200 vintage chain sold separately. To purchasemailto:Tresglam@g… or call Amy at (312) 476-9340 




7. Nello- Sitting outside on Madison Avenue in NYC on a cool summer day sipping a Bellini . What can be better, besides my two favorite pasta amatriciana and buttera save room for amazing creme brulee. I am warning you be prepared to CHOKE when the check comes. Serious Money $$$









8.La Mer Body Creme – For me it’s the greatest luxury. I wish I could slather it on one inch thick every night and not worry about the cost per ounce. My pal UBER makeup artist Scott Barnes gave me a huge jar last year Hint Hint…

9.The Griddle: The best BEST best BEST pancakes in L.A. on Sunset Blvd. On a Saturday or Sunday the line to get in is 1/2 mile long. Trust me it’s worth it. It’s a Rock ‘N’ Roller’s haven when they wrap up their shows. 

9. Creed- Silver Mountain Water super sexy, unisex fragrance smells like luxury. I think I can follow a man off  elevator wearing this. $285 four ounce spray. 










10. Red Velvet Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory- I know this has the most calories of all their selection. But… besides the little kid in me feels like a New York diner with all the different selections of foods and desserts. 



11. Chantecaille future skin oil free gel foundation- I use the shade of SHEA in the summer it’s almost unrecognizable on your skin on steamy humid days and your skin appears flawless. A little secret to the “no makeup” look for perfect skin. At $72.00 it’s expensive but a little goes a long way. My jar has lasted me over a year.











12.Chanel  diamond Camelia Watch- Mother of pearl face. So CHIC. Understated. Perfect for cocktail. Approximately $21,000 retail.














13. Vito’s Pizza on La Ceinega in West Hollywood- New York Style pizza in LA. Know that’s a first. Try the white pizza with basil pesto and the meatball and jalapeno. INSANE, and they deliver.










14. “THE AFTER WIFE by Gigi Levangie Grazer – I’ve loved all of her books and I just started this and I can’t put it down. The writer of the Starter Wife, and Maneater.


Friday Favorites…Tell them I sent you

1.You were always on my mind, Willie Nelson

2. Rose gold lace Christian Louboutin - Some serious A*% kicking shoes.  These look good with EVERYTHING but even better naked.

3.Bagatelle LAThe thought of the truffled roast chicken and vegetables from last week’s dinner has me drooling.

4. Chanel Reverse Silver -  minx nails

5. Simple things - Salted Caramel pie with fresh whip cream (I sat outside the cafe and didn’t care if anyone thought I was a fatty pattatie while I ate two small pies.)

6. Perfume C from Clive Christian-  OMG. It’s on my wish list – the short one. $298.00

7. Tavera Tony’s in Malibu- Tony’s the host with the most he will treat you grandly. He will transport you to sea side in Greece, only this time you will be seated next to Bruce Willis, Pamela Anderson, Jerry Weintraub….

8. The Ivy on Robertson- Forget that it’s the celebrity mecca and every publicist sends their clients to get photographed- the food is amazingly good. You must try the Ivy Gimlet, the lobster with pasta, the vegetable chop salad.


9. Rain Organics lavender Vodka $23.00 – Im the dinner guest who shows up with this vodka hoping you will serve it. Its great with lemonade.

10. Wing Stop- Great buffalo style wings from spicy to barbecue style with all the trimmings blue cheese, celery, ranch dressing grab a bucket and a case of beer for a poolside no hassle barbecue.

10.H Hermes Constance bag- I COVET this.

11. Rigaud Green Candle-  This intense pine  pedigree  scent candle. It separates the men from the boys so to speak. A different kind of pine scent not like a Christmas candle. I LOVE this candle. $80.00. 

12. Tres Glam anti-envy black diamond eye bracelet- You can see this bracelet on the High Maintenance Blonde header. Won’t leave home without it. How do you spell DIVINE. Interested in it? email

13. “The Art of Seduction” by Robert Greene – I plan on having some fun this weekend.



Friday Favorites- Tell them I sent you

1. BANANA PUDDING from Magnolia Bakery on third in West Hollywood. I find myself looking for an excuse to be home and eat this, but the large tub makes the perfect hostess gift for $30.00.

2.VoluSpa Candles- Scent in Crisp Champagne is my summer favorite for $25.00.

3.Domaines Ott- Rose wine  The recognizable shape of this bottle screams summer! Instantly transports you to the Mediterranean for less then $35.00 and looks so pretty in your glass. Cheers!

4. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino perfume spray-   Sexy, Summer, Unisex. Drool…$195.00

5.Tiger Printed Velvet- This just screams “CHIC” when everyone else is doing leopard. Barclay Butera also has this.

6. MAC Lipbalm conditioner SPF 15- Love the vanilla flavor. That’s why my dog is always trying to kiss me. So are a few two legged ones. Lol. $15.00

7. La Prairie skin caviar foundation with concealer- Pure luxury glam   worth   every penny.

8. Lalique Frosted Crystal  Buddah- I covet this.

9. Leggings with a built in skirt from Splendid-

Excuse me, I don’t want to see your private parts. Buy these.

10.LA CONFIDENTIAL Magazine- Tres Glam was featured in this. I’m biased.

11. Smashbox Photo finish primer w/ SPF 15

I used to wear the original. Now I love this one with the sunscreen.Makes foundation go on flawless and last for hours.  $42.00

12.  Chinese Chicken Salad from Joan’s on Third in West Hollywood. Another addiction.

13. Ultimate Blonde hair color from Frank Galasso at Barnes and Galass. Frank really knows what he is doing.(took me from brassy blonde to baby blonde and I was stopped to ask WHO cut my hair) Does Kate Upton, and Gwyneth.


14. Madeos italian restaurant- My Favorite  spaghetti bolognese and crispy napoleon pastry in LA.

15. Maison Pearson Brush- This Boar’s hair brush makes your hair shiny and  blow dry  frizz free.

16. Tres Glam  - The anti envy eye pendant . I wear mine every  day. $5,000.

17. Thymes Room Spray  - When you have three dogs you need a powerful room spray that smells delicious. I love Verbena Bamboo.

18. Guerlain terracotta bronzer no. 2- This lighter version works for pale skin. Sun kiss glow year round. Little goes a long way. Great value for $55.00