Friday Favorites- Tell them I sent you

1. BANANA PUDDING from Magnolia Bakery on third in West Hollywood. I find myself looking for an excuse to be home and eat this, but the large tub makes the perfect hostess gift for $30.00.

2.VoluSpa Candles- Scent in Crisp Champagne is my summer favorite for $25.00.

3.Domaines Ott- Rose wine  The recognizable shape of this bottle screams summer! Instantly transports you to the Mediterranean for less then $35.00 and looks so pretty in your glass. Cheers!

4. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino perfume spray-   Sexy, Summer, Unisex. Drool…$195.00

5.Tiger Printed Velvet- This just screams “CHIC” when everyone else is doing leopard. Barclay Butera also has this.

6. MAC Lipbalm conditioner SPF 15- Love the vanilla flavor. That’s why my dog is always trying to kiss me. So are a few two legged ones. Lol. $15.00

7. La Prairie skin caviar foundation with concealer- Pure luxury glam   worth   every penny.

8. Lalique Frosted Crystal  Buddah- I covet this.

9. Leggings with a built in skirt from Splendid-

Excuse me, I don’t want to see your private parts. Buy these.

10.LA CONFIDENTIAL Magazine- Tres Glam was featured in this. I’m biased.

11. Smashbox Photo finish primer w/ SPF 15

I used to wear the original. Now I love this one with the sunscreen.Makes foundation go on flawless and last for hours.  $42.00

12.  Chinese Chicken Salad from Joan’s on Third in West Hollywood. Another addiction.

13. Ultimate Blonde hair color from Frank Galasso at Barnes and Galass. Frank really knows what he is doing.(took me from brassy blonde to baby blonde and I was stopped to ask WHO cut my hair) Does Kate Upton, and Gwyneth.


14. Madeos italian restaurant- My Favorite  spaghetti bolognese and crispy napoleon pastry in LA.

15. Maison Pearson Brush- This Boar’s hair brush makes your hair shiny and  blow dry  frizz free.

16. Tres Glam  - The anti envy eye pendant . I wear mine every  day. $5,000.

17. Thymes Room Spray  - When you have three dogs you need a powerful room spray that smells delicious. I love Verbena Bamboo.

18. Guerlain terracotta bronzer no. 2- This lighter version works for pale skin. Sun kiss glow year round. Little goes a long way. Great value for $55.00

3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites- Tell them I sent you

  1. Lisa-

    Love the list this week! You are a Southern girl at heart aren’t you? Banana Pudding?! Love that you put it on the list! And I also love Thymes products- all of them smell soooo ridiculous good. I’ll have to give your recomendation a try, but I love agave nectar lotion and candles. Speaking of candles Voluspa are hands down the most elegant and fragrant candles in the world- ever. I think anyway. My favorite is suede blanc, I don’t think I could ever get tired of it. But my second fav is saijo persimmon. Heck, they all are wonderful why am I even trying to pick a favorite?!

    Also, love your pins on pinterest!