Friday Favorites…Tell them I sent you

1.You were always on my mind, Willie Nelson

2. Rose gold lace Christian Louboutin - Some serious A*% kicking shoes.  These look good with EVERYTHING but even better naked.

3.Bagatelle LAThe thought of the truffled roast chicken and vegetables from last week’s dinner has me drooling.

4. Chanel Reverse Silver -  minx nails

5. Simple things - Salted Caramel pie with fresh whip cream (I sat outside the cafe and didn’t care if anyone thought I was a fatty pattatie while I ate two small pies.)

6. Perfume C from Clive Christian-  OMG. It’s on my wish list – the short one. $298.00

7. Tavera Tony’s in Malibu- Tony’s the host with the most he will treat you grandly. He will transport you to sea side in Greece, only this time you will be seated next to Bruce Willis, Pamela Anderson, Jerry Weintraub….

8. The Ivy on Robertson- Forget that it’s the celebrity mecca and every publicist sends their clients to get photographed- the food is amazingly good. You must try the Ivy Gimlet, the lobster with pasta, the vegetable chop salad.


9. Rain Organics lavender Vodka $23.00 – Im the dinner guest who shows up with this vodka hoping you will serve it. Its great with lemonade.

10. Wing Stop- Great buffalo style wings from spicy to barbecue style with all the trimmings blue cheese, celery, ranch dressing grab a bucket and a case of beer for a poolside no hassle barbecue.

10.H Hermes Constance bag- I COVET this.

11. Rigaud Green Candle-  This intense pine  pedigree  scent candle. It separates the men from the boys so to speak. A different kind of pine scent not like a Christmas candle. I LOVE this candle. $80.00. 

12. Tres Glam anti-envy black diamond eye bracelet- You can see this bracelet on the High Maintenance Blonde header. Won’t leave home without it. How do you spell DIVINE. Interested in it? email

13. “The Art of Seduction” by Robert Greene – I plan on having some fun this weekend.