Remember when

How much do you LOVE this Brown Diamond Octopus Tres Glam Necklace!


Lisa Gastineau, Jill Zarin, Caroline Manzo


Brittny Gastineau, Dina Manzo, Lisa Gastineau


Remember when it was all just like this. So much better. At London Jewelers in the Hamptons for Tres Glam trunk Show in 2011.


Remember When…

Heading to Paris with Marla Paxon, and Nicole Paxon for our Mother’s Day trip 2011. By the time we landed in New York Brittny had an entire bottle of red wine on that shirt. It never made it to Paris. As a matter of fact neither did my belts and underwear they ended up left in the drawer in the Regency Hotel. Can you imagine, this is how we START our trip? OYE… Memories………..