Jessica Canseco of VH1 Hollywood Exes Favorite Piece of jewelry is…

Is her Tres Glam Diamond snake ring. Check it out!

For more information

Call (312) 476-9340 and ask for Amy

My pal Nicole Murphy wearing Tres Glam diamond earrings on her new VH1 Show HOLLYWOOD EXES

It’s especially flattering when another jewelry designer buys your designs. She’s wearing the Tres Glam diamond earrings in this in Napa, California at a wine tasting.

Friday Favorite… What’s on the list…


1.John Kelly Chocolates – Award winning LA Chocolatier The walnut caramel mediterranean sea salt clusters will make you swoon for 4 piece assortment $15.50.


2.Lump Crab Cocktail and Gigi salad from The Palm- From LA, NYC,  Vegas to the Hamptons this classic restaurant never lets you down.  I always order these two items.


3.”A big Little Life” by Dean Koontz- This is such a switch up for  Dean Koontz fans. This book is a must read for animal lovers. Have a box of tissues handy.


4.Summer Polo at Bridge Hampton Polo Grounds, Bridge Hampton NY- Reminds you of summers in the Hampton’s are not just about parties but this is  the place to be seen.

5.Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity in NYC- The mix is good but it’s the experience being there that counts with the overflowing giant frosty delight . With the thick whip cream nothing better.


6.Empowerment Bath Salts, gels, and candles from “Object D Art and Spirit” – I’ve been a devotee of Kirpaul and I come here for advice on spiritual questions. I always buy gifts for friends from here.


 7.Virgin Island Water by Creed – Vacation in a bottle. The 4.0 oz bottle retails for $240.

8.Tres Glam Anti-Envy Eye Cuff Links Unisex- Limited stock  available. Special Order $9,000. Call (312) 476-9340 ask for Amy.


9.H Blanket from Hermes- It’s super chic, timeless classic, ultimate throw. Somehow can make an old beat up sofa look like it was supposed to be that way. 

10.Venetian mirrors- I’ve been collecting antique and vintage ones for years. I was shocked to find such a beautiful antique re-production at restoration hardware. 

11.Seda France Candles- They are famous for there beautiful pagota toile shaped boxes. The candles smell really wonderful. The Toile ceramic containers are most perfect hostess gift.

12. Alcon Naph Con A eye drops- Used by Uber make up artist SCOTT BARNES. Makes allergy red eyes pop white for photos.


13.Butterfly Oil Paintings by Hunt Slonem- established force in the art world. His butterfly and  birds hang in New York at the Metropolitan, the Guggenheim, and the Whitney Museums. I am blessed to call him a friend. What a amazing TALENT. 

The King Cole Bar at the St. Regis Hotel in NYC- Quintessential New York.


14.Fred Segal Cafe Mauro restaurant- Perfect spot for great food and people watching in West Hollywood. Wonderful photograph collections decorate the walls for sale.  I love the pasta primavera and the chicken with Jalapeno pasta.


15.Velvet tuxedo slippers from Stubbs and Wooton- Palm Beach Chic.

16. New York Post- My must have daily read.





17. Chateau Marmont patio restaurant- great food. Always wonderful  neck craning people watching. Try the rice balls and cheese platter.Old school New turks L.A.  scene.