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Trend Report: Embellishments

Fall/Winter rolls in and so do the beads, and sequins. The opulence in fashion surrounds us in the collections from Louis Vuitton, Versace, Nina Ricci, Ralph Lauren, and Valentino. Nice to know there are make believe places in the world that don’t have budgets or recessions. Ahh the life…

If you’re not adding an embroidered, beaded or embellished piece to your wardrobe you can pick up on this trend by piling on the pearls and big bold jewelry. Tis the season to be lavish and over the top. Screw minimalist.

Friday Favorites… tell them I sent you

1. DVF leopard print coat – How gorgeous is this DVF print coat.

2. Veuve Clicquot champagne-

Always a celebration. The perfect cocktail.   

3. YSL Lipstick glamourous gold case- The case is gorgeous and the lipstick texture is creamy and luxurious.

4. Frette- Summer weight comforter is my year round perfect sleep. I swear I have my best night sleep only with this comforter. Sorta a like a two year old with their blankey. 

5. Tres Glam dog tag-  Uni-sex glam.  

email Tresglam@gmail.com  $4,800 retail. 

6.Louis vuitton  sequin bag – Ummm what can I say. I swear those initials really say LG.

7. Louis vuitton leopard bag- I love this entire collection.

I think the small is the perfect transitional bag from day to evening; enough room for a phone a wallet, keys……..

8. Tower bar at Tower Hotel on Sunset - Old school Hollywood. Men dress here as if they wear a suit and tie for more then church on Sundays.

9. Baccarat crystal -Tumbler Harmonie $210 for two. Johnny Blue on the rock’s please.

10. Nobu-  Obviously they have the formula right. Always a special feeling here, not just the local sushi bar.

11. Leopard driving gloves-

Need to protect your hands from sunspots. Did you know that your left hand always has more freckles then your right? Never can be too careful with your skin.

12. Fred Segal Cafe Mauro – Great food. Great shopping. Great people watching. I always have the pasta primavera.

13. Mont Blanc Pens- This is a great pen to write with, and if someone borrows it you will be asking for it back. 

14.Dr. Cindy Bressler- Vet Dr. to the stars. Does house calls on the weekends from NY to the Hamptons.

15. Ornate sterling trays- Great way to accent a table in your home.

16. Mastros- I have the Atomic cesear salad and the smoking Cosmopolitans. Brittny’s favorite is the butter cake but iv’e never had room for more then a bite. This is a steak place but I always end up with Lobster.

17. Premier Figuier Extreme – Smells amazing.

18.Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage  - it’s the best foundation that I trust.

19.  Personalized cards from Amelia Noyes-  She makes personalized cards with exquisite fashion designs on them. Can’t wait to use them. Email her at noyesaen@gmail.com if your interested in ordering some.