Trend Report: Lace and Leopard

Two consistent elements of fashion that remain relevant and timeless are leopard prints (or any animal print) and lace. Together or separate they bring a sense of luxury and rawness.


Lace has always been associated with femininity  which is why it works so well with menswear type fabrics, and leathers. You can make any outfit work simply by paring either a vintage lace camisole, scarf with a strong anchor fabric. Every top designer this season from Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Michael Kors, Dolce &Gabbana showed these elements in their collections.

What makes these fashion elements so strong is you can bring together a  fresh new look, and It’s a look that can be done on any budget. This is going to be a  season where it’s easy  to be fashionable. Lace and Leopard are wardrobe staples, these pieces are equivalent to the little black dress. These are building blocks on which to build a wardrobe on.


Trend Report

Nothing transitions from summer to fall as perfectly as the motorcycle jacket. It’s definitely one of my MUST HAVE’S in any wardrobe. I’ve worn one over a giant Chanel Tulle skirt to a black tie. The great thing about this is they can be found in plenty in many vintage stores and flea markets. If I had a certain allotment of money to buy a designer item, this is where I would put my money.


My Two Jackets- 

Christian Dior and Dolce & Gabbana (see I put my money where my mouth is!)