What’s the AFTER in “And they lived happily ever after”

Cmon,Tell me…Is it JUST ME? Am I the only one searching for the “after”?

I’m now trying to figure out the “what is” and the “when” and exactly what is it do you have to DO to get there.

For most things in our life we were trained to plan out what it is that we desire. To achieve that outcome, we go about the necessary steps. The Key is understanding the objective. For instance; If you want to be a FAMOUS Hollywood actress you may go about the steps in a certain way-For example:  you take acting classes, do the workshops and course study, get head shots, get an agent or manager, perhaps sleep with a director or producer,(optional) land your dream role, nail it, hire the BEST publicist & stylist, get nominated for an Oscar-win it…..




But that my kiddies is laid out in a pretty simple tried and true format

NOW….what about something more “NORMAL“-like romance and love? What happens to the “AFTER” after you’ve found your dream partner? After you get married to the mate of your dreams,buy the house of your dreams,take the vacations,settle in and have the babies????


What’s the After????


The house is decorated,you’ve gotten your kids in good schools,some even have gotten married and had their OWN children….AGAIN…where and what is the “Happily ever after”?

Is this AFTER thing just a title for sooo many reality TV shows? THEY have proven that” it” might not actually exist? Are we programmed to buy into the fairy tale? A myth? The same way we believed in the tooth fairy or


Easter bunny?


Being single I’m often backed into a spot where I apologizing for my “single-ness”.Almost like there MUST BE something WRONG with ME.I somehow am contributing to my own lack of a “happily ever after”. GUESS WHAT?


I am.I am ELECTIVELY participating in my own SINGLE-NESS,and enjoying the hell out of it.


I like it.


I truly like sooooo many things about it.

I can blame a little bit of it on my Zodiac sign for shits and giggles,as a Sagittarius-we supposedly hate commitment

-but the REAL, REAL, TRUE issue is….



I admit to going thru a very traumatic transition from marriage to singleness.

It was difficult being an unskilled single mother… trying to find my way,to survive and thrive.


But…after a year..I kinda enjoyed the feeling of NOT HIDING my shopping bags in the trunk of my car,-waiting for the opportunity to sneak them in.

Let’s just quit buying into real life as a greeting card slogan.

Life is too short to not desire happiness and contentment.

Your OWN happiness–not trying to replicate a piece of fiction in a book or TV show Don’t be afraid to call “BULLSHIT” when you see it…

And never EVER think you’ve been short-changed if you haven’t found your




Now,…I gotta go to get ready for my blind date(supposedly,he’s the man of my dreams)

As they say……”Where there’s life,there’s hope”


And by the way…..I BELIEVE in “HAPPILY RIGHT NOW

Keep it real