Do the sheets on someone’s bed tell you who they are?

There is more to a bed time story then the story. Sometimes I feel like The Princess and The Pea. My mom and dad always insist that I was switched at birth. It’s crazy on how you really do sleep better on a good set of sheets and a mattress. I always freak out on the mattress commercials when they show the dust mites and how heavy your mattress is after a certain amount of years. Yikes!

I have been “THAT GIRL”, I must confess… That had to think twice about a man after I saw (the sneak peak) of the sheets on his bed. That my darlings; can be a deal breaker… I mean SERIOUSLY, You’re 40 years old and you have scoobie doo pillow cases with little mermaid sheets. REALLY!?!!!

I do know having good quality sheets is really HIGH MAINTENANCE. You just can’t throw them in the washer and dryer without ironing them. If you have really good sheets, you either have a REALLY GOOD housekeeper or a lot of time on your hands to iron them yourself. Sometimes I find ironing good therapy, but I miss New York. Where everyone sends their sheets out and they come back ironed and packaged perfectly for a decent price.