I wanna know…. 3 questions for you

1. If you could share dinner with one political figure from history who would it be?

2. If you could share an evening of conversation with one fashion designer throughout history who would it  be?

3. If you could share an evening of conversation with an icon throughout history who would you choose?



2 thoughts on “I wanna know…. 3 questions for you

  1. 1. Can I say Christoper Columbus? Not really “political” but more so by association…. I am fascinated by him and his associates… like how Pope Alexander VI divided up the world to decide which places the Spanish and Portugese got to colonize… Which brings us to present day Spanish and Portugese speaking countries… I wonder if he would have ever imagined what that one decision would evolve into… (South America, the Philippeans, etc…)

    2. Edith Head- movies would not be the same without her, then and now… Or Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel- her love life is so sad… Thus the double interlocking C’s. Did she ever image her logo or pants would change the world?

    3. Peggy Guggenheim or Betty Parsons… Or dare I say it, the Pre- Raphaelites (on the drama! Especially if their wives, girlfriends, and models were there! I would die!) or Carl Greenberg, without him I wonder if Jackson Pollock (among others) would have ever become famous…. or even definitions of some of our words like “minimalist” ….

    Great questions, had a discussion with friends over this post!